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The fleet wastes too much fuel?

Nexus GPS Tracking is a monitoring system that can be easily implemented. It will help you keep track of fuel consumption and reduce costs up to 30%. How is it possible?


  Excessive Speed


Restrict high speed and idling

Examine your drivers' driving style. Set alerts and find out real time when the speed limit is exceeded. Use complex reports to visualize traveling or stationing periods. Even better, the system can notify the driver to slow down if necessary;


Optimize Routes

Additional mileage increase fuel consumption. See what routes have been made according to the schedule and which served a personal interest. Finally, you can deduct expenses for the journeys that were not lucrative for the company; 

  Best Routes

Fuel Theft


Prevent fuel theft

Specialised equipment for measuring consumption, like flow meters or fuel level sensors, will help prevent fuel theft and anticipate the exact costs;



View the fuel consumption tracking equipment here!


Fleet Tracking

Every 30 seconds vehicle's position is updated, so you can see in real time on the map the routes covered. Nexus GPS Tracking offers a free 30-day trial - no credit card required.

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Improve Fuel Economy

Nexus GPS Tracking will rent you the necessary tools to monitor diesel consumption accurately. Find out how the fuel is used and cut costs by 30%.

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