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Monitor Each Individual

Make sure the rules established to achieve performance and to ensure safety during working hours are followed by everybody. See what generates the operational costs and lower them with even 30%.


The Log In / Log Out Feature
Who? When? How much? Where?

minicheckOn the main screen of Nexus Locator, in the bottom right corner, appears the button Log In / Log Out, designed to identify users. It is useful when a mobile device is assigned to a vehicle, and not to a person. The button helps distinguish between drivers and monitor their activity separately; 

minicheckUsers can login into Nexus Locator based on a username and password that can be preset from the administrative account created on Nexus GPS Tracking. Drivers must enter their contact information every time they start working and must log out at the end. Complex reports can be generated afterward, to showcase important details about each employee's activity;

01 - Nexus 5 - Home Screen
06 - Nexus 5 - Journey Type

The Journey Type Feature
Business purposes or personal interest?

minicheckWhen an employee uses the working time for his interest the productivity decreases and by default also does the success of your business. Also, using the company's vehicle for personal benefit increases costs for maintenance and consumed fuel. 

minicheckMany companies allow flexible working hours and also to use the car during the spare time if certain rules are followed. Therefore, Nexus Locator provides employees the solution to notify their managers when making a trip for business or personal interest. Just by touching one button data is sent in real time towards Nexus GPS Tracking's interface;

The Time Sheet Feature
Discover the deviations from the timetable

minicheckThe timesheet can be quickly filled in by users in the field. This feature is particularly useful to drivers or people who need to take breaks at precise intervals. After recording the beginning of activity, each one can count its working hours. When a break is necessary, Nexus Locator sends warning alarms;

minicheckUsers can access their timesheet directly from the application, and team managers can view the reports based on gathered data, that are available in Nexus GPS Tracking's interface;

minicheckBy supervising employees' working schedule you will be able to simplify and coordinate better their activity in the field, and even to reduce overtime;

08 - Nexus 5 - Time Sheet

Fleet Tracking

Every 30 seconds vehicle's position is updated, so you can see in real time on the map the routes covered. Nexus GPS Tracking offers a free 30-day trial - no credit card required.

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