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Plan and Coordinate Effortlessly Activities in the Field

Nexus Locator is a Business Application compatible with Android operating systems. Its functionalities assure a strong focus on collaboration and active communication with the team in the field.  


The Check-In Feature
Have the tasks you assigned been executed?

minicheckFor the team to function at its highest possible level of productivity and performance, excellent management is required. Therefore, it is important to know what everybody does and coordinate team's activity;

minicheckThe Check-In Feature is an official ticket that can be customized by team managers from Nexus GPS Tracking interface, according to the specifics of their companies;;

minicheckWith Nexus Locator the tickets can be easily accessed and completed by users directly from the field, after finishing an activity. All information will be sent immediately and will be available in real time in the administrative account, on;

07 - Nexus 5 - Check In
03 - Nexus 5 - Write New Message

The Write Message Feature
Send and receive messages safely

minicheckYou can send and receive messages within the monitoring system. Therefore, the communication process is streamlined, and the people become more honest and cooperative;

minicheckNexus Locator directs each message to Nexus GPS Tracking system, where it's saved indefinitely. The conversations with the team in the field - which may include details about the activities undertaken, about partners and customers and also about the difficulties encountered - are kept secure and can be accessed anytime;

minicheckMessages can be joined by attachments - images or documents that are needed urgently to complete transactions. Also, messages may contain links that open the GPS navigator on the mobile device and guide someone to destination;

The Status Message Feature
What activities take place at the moment?

minicheckWhen you must find a person available to perform a precise action, it is problematic to ask all the colleagues in the team what they are doing and if they are available.

minicheckNexus Locator provides the solution that helps managers supervise the overall team activity. The Status Message feature allows the user to set a message about what he is doing. That notification is published immediately on the system's interface.

09 - Nexus 5 - Status

Fleet Tracking

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