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Find answers to the most common questions about GPS Tracking and Nexus Solutions. If we didn't cover all your curiosities, don't hesitate to contact us.

What is Nexus GPS Tracking?

Nexus GPS Tracking is a GPS monitoring service specialized in Vehicles Fleet Management.

Who develops Nexus GPS Tracking?

Nexus GPS Tracking is developed by Nexus Electronics SRL. The company has its headquarters in Bucharest and relies on the enthusiasm of a young team of professionals who improve the GPS tracking services day by day. You can get in touch with us by using the Contact Form or by calling +40 21-320-0561.

What is the purpose of Nexus GPS Tracking?

Enterprises who want to monitor their fleet in real-time can use the web interface we provide to do it. Managers can see information about routes, stops, driving time, fuel consumption, speed, and more. You can also communicate with the drivers using specialized gear, or you can set alerts for various events such as speeding, destination reach, engine start, expiration of the different documents (ITP, RCA, CASCO, Vignette, etc.).

What is the GPS technology?

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a group of 27 satellites that orbit around the world. Out of all 27 satellites, 24 of them are active, and three are in reserve. When we say GPS, we usually refer to the GPS receiver.

How does the GPS technology work?

GPS satellites should not be confused with communication satellites used for wireless communication. These are two separate networks. All of our systems use GPS satellites for localization. For sending data, we use wireless networks.

How does Nexus GPS Tracking work?

The GPS antenna determines the position and sends the information to the Nexus Telematics device installed on your vehicle.

The GPS Tracking device has a modem inside, similar to the one you can find on mobile phones. The modem is used to send the data from the vehicle to our servers, where it is refined and then presented to the user via the web interface.

All these things happen in real time.

What browsers are compatible with Nexus GPS Tracking?

Maps can face display problems on some browsers. We recommend you to use our services with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 10+.

Our application can work with older versions of Internet Explorer too, but you may face problems visualizing the maps.

Do I have to buy a SIM card to use the system?

No, our service is complete, including GPS equipment, software application, and data transmission through the GSM network. All you need to have is a computer with active internet connection.

What benefits does Nexus GPS Tracking offer?

The most significant benefits are:

  • reducing fleet's operational costs
  • reducing fuel consumption
  • preventing fuel theft
  • vehicle route optimization
  • improving the services you grant.

What GPS devices do we provide?

We offer the latest technology. Our service is based on Nexus Telematics equipment, and our devices are manufactured in Taiwan, based on our demands. Nexus Electronics team of programmers develops the software application according to our clients' necessities.

How do you install the GPS devices?

If the vehicles you want to monitor are in Bucharest, our team of technicians can travel to your location. If the vehicles are in other regions of the country, we will guide you to the nearest service partner. We have a network of over 40 authorized service partners across Romania.

How long does it take to install the device on a vehicle?

The installation takes about 30 minutes per vehicle.

What's the size of a GPS device?

The device is small. Its dimensions are 80x26x48 mm. It can be completely hidden in the dashboard of the car, behind the radio, behind the glove box or the fuse, etc. Also, the GPS antenna must be installed. It has a cable of 3 meters, with a small receiver at the end.

Do I need to install special software on my PC?

There is no need to install any application. Our solution works like a web page, in a web browser. Nexus GPS Tracking can be used by multiple users with different access rights.

Can Nexus GPS Tracking be used as an anti-theft system?

Yes, Nexus GPS Tracking allows you to configure up to 15 types of alerts. When there is an alert, you receive in real time an email message with all the details. Some of all the alarms/alerts you can use are: entering/leaving an area, start/stop the engine, no data transmission, triggering the panic button. The GPS system also allows you to block the engine remotely, from the GPS Tracking application.

How many Hot Spots can be saved in Nexus GPS Tracking?

You may save as many Hot Spots as you want.

How many recipients can receive alarms from Nexus GPS Tracking?

You may define as many recipients as you want and each one of them will receive the alarm when it is triggered.

What kind of maps does Nexus GPS Tracking use?

Our solution provides these maps: Open Street Map, Google Earth, and HERE.

What kind of certification do we have?

Nexus GPS Tracking has CE compliant.

Can Nexus GPS Tracking be connected to the CAN or tachograph system of the vehicles?

Yes. Our system can be connected to the CAN-bus / FMS of the recently manufactured commercial vehicles and it can collect relevant data like:

  • fuel level
  • diesel consumption
  • RPM
  • driving behaviour


Using the CAN-Bus / FMS, Nexus GPS Tracking obtains information from electronic tachograph like:

  • work hours
  • breaks
  • resting hours

Can I install the equipment without my driver knowing about it?

Yes, if the installation is done properly, it cannot be detected by the driver. Though, we strongly recommend informing the drivers about the GPS systems installed, because the benefits of your investment will increase once they know.

How often does the system read the location of the vehicle?

Usually, your vehicle is located every 30 seconds. There are pricing plans available, which allow vehicle location every 3 seconds.

How accurate is the speed and location of the vehicle?

The installed GPS device reports its location every 30 seconds. The reported speed and the position are transmitted at the same time. Vehicle localization has a deviation of up to 5 meters from the real location. This difference is given by the quality of the data received from the GPS satellites.

How accurate are the distances displayed by Nexus GPS Tracking?

Based on the latest information received from our customers, the difference in kilometers between a board vehicle and our solution is around 0.5%. This performance is possible thanks to the latest hardware and software innovations implemented by our team.

How long does it take to display an activity report in Nexus GPS Tracking?

Activity reports can be displayed in real time. The displaying speed of a report for a vehicle with a 30 days history is less than 1 second.

Is there a limitation for displaying reports in the system?

There is no time limitation for displaying the reports. Also, reports can include data about any number of vehicles.

For how long is the data stored in the Nexus GPS Tracking system?

There is no upper limit of time. Data regarding locations, activity, and diesel consumption is stored as long as you have a contract with us.

Can I access my data through an automatic protocol (API)?

We provide a standardized API which you can integrate into your company's ERP system.

Does the GPS equipment installed on the vehicles require special maintenance?

No need for special maintenance of the GPS system. Once it has been installed on the vehicle, you can start the improvement of your company's efficiency and productivity.

What happens with the data when there is no GSM signal?

When reaching a zone with no GSM signal, the device uses the internal memory to save the data. When the vehicle enters an area with GSM signal, the data is transmitted to our servers so you can read it.

Is the fuel consumption accurate when reading via CAN-Bus?

Some say that the fuel consumption measured by a vehicle's elemental equipment is accurate. We know for sure that the fuel consumption displayed by the computer board can give you just a rough information. Usually, the real consumption and the one read via the CAN interface show differences between 5% and 10%.

How can I read the actual fuel consumption?

The real consumption can be read only by using AIC Flowmeters. These tools have an accuracy of at least 99%, and life expectancy is around four years. The installation is simple, and the equipment sabotage is close to impossible. The investment in this kind of tools usually pays off in about six months and will provide concrete data on fuel consumption.

How can I detect fuel theft from the tank?

We provide the Nexus FS-10 Fuel Level Sensor, which has to be installed in the vehicle tank to show variations of the fuel level. Reading the exclusive consumption reports, you can see the place and time where the fraud took place.

Can I monitor the vehicles that travel outside the country?

Yes, we offer the possibility to monitor vehicles outside the country, but additional costs may apply because of roaming rates.

How do I find the right solution for me?

Our consultants are always available to assist you and help you make the best choice for your company, please call: +40 21-320-0561 or fill the Contact Form.

Where can I find more information?

For additional information, go to "Resources" and then "Useful Documents".

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