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CAN Interface- Squarell Flex

Squarell FLEX is an advanced FMS interface with connectivity to all the important vehicle data networks like CANbus, FMS/J1939 or RS232.

Squarell Flex solutions are easy to install and ready for use.
Squarell processes the data and provides you with exact and relevant information to accomplish advanced fleet management.

Interfata CAN


  • One solution for the entire fleet
  • Compliant for trucks, vans, cars
  • Automatic detection of vehicle
  • Trip, vehicle and driving performance examination
  • EU tacho download compliant
  • More data available than from a manufacturer's interface
  • Easy integration with telematics and modems


Provided data

CAN interface offers the following information, depending on the vehicle model monitored:

  • real speed
  • engine rpm
  • fuel level
  • fuel overall
  • break engagement
  • clutch engagement
  • accelerator engagement
  • cruise control activation
  • kilometers covered
  • kilometers until the next technical revision
  • axle weight

Data registered from the car's board computer is sent in real-time towards Nexus GPS Tracking application and becomes available immediately.


Easy to install, with CANcliq



How does it work?

Cum functioneaza citirea datelor din vehicul?


Automotive Brands Supported



Fleet Tracking

Every 30 seconds vehicle's position is updated, so you can see in real time on the map the routes covered. Nexus GPS Tracking offers a free 30-day trial - no credit card required.

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